What we do

Planning and quality

The brain of car manufacturing. Our project engineers are responsible for the management and coordination of projects across the areas of buildings and infrastructure, industrial engineering, automation, assembly, fire prevention, predictive maintenance, quality, logistics and the environment.

On a daily basis, our employees deal with project-related matters, conducting process audits of individual areas of the production process, risk assessments, evaluating the state of the individual vehicle components, and preparing and updating presentations for meetings. All of this is supported by professional communication with suppliers.

Road tests

Precise and manually skilled people, who pay attention to the finest detail. Did you know that the entire car body is welded from hundreds of body parts? Our toolmakers prepare the tools and components needed for assemble, and then assemble the body from the individual components.

When everything is ready, the active surfaces need to be fine-tuned by polishing, stoning and grinding them. The cuts and the clearance are then adjusted and the wedge units are made to fit. The result is a functional tool for the production of individual body parts.


The development of a car is a very long process, during which not only its final appearance is shaped, but especially its quality and functionality. Our priority is to ensure that the quality of the vehicle is to the customer’s maximum possible satisfaction. Our team of mechanics, technicians and test drivers conducts long-term prototype and customer tests on cars.

While testing the cars we monitor the activities of the on-board systems, the measuring and recording technology in the vehicle, evaluate its condition and assess the functionality of the car as a whole as well as its individual components. Our drivers spend thousands of hours in their cars and drive millions of kilometres.